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Open Day and Municipal Day in Čečejovce

Despite the fact that the harvest on our farms this year was smaller than the year before - due to…

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PD Čečejovce Sells Quality Meat from Its Own Production

Slovak customers don´t have to rely only on the imported meat. PD Čečejovce sells quality meat from…

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Agricultural Cooperative PD Čečejovce was founded in 1994. We specialize in livestock and crops production, we manage 1820 ha of agricultural land, of which 57 ha are used as pastures.

In crops production we specialize mainly in growing wheatm maize, sunflower and alfalfa. In livestock we specialize in Holstein milk and beef cattle breed.

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In PD Čečejovce we specialize in livestock and crops production. Our Holstein milk and beef cattle count 600 heads.

In the whole we manage 1816 ha of agricultural land, of which 1759 ha are used as arable land and 57 ha are used as pastures.

We grow wheat, maize, sunflower and alfalfa, all of them both for internal use and for profit. The remaining 57 ha of our land is covered by permanent grassland.

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Since 2015 we have been running a company store with the selection of our own dairy and meat, together with some other food products like honey, pasta, eggs and wines from local producers.

There are no artificial stabilizers or emuslifiers used in the cheesemaking process. Our dairy products are natural products and contain no artificial preservatives. This is the way how we make tasty, quality and healthy food.

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Ing. Pavel Tokoš
Chairman of the Board

Ing. Peter Bartko

Ing. Tomáš Duffek
Board Member

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EG Support Association continued to fulfill its mission this year In 2021

15. 2. 2022

EG Support Association continued to fulfill its mission this year. In 2021, the foundation supported 31 co-workers and their families with EUR 12,432 in total.

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EG Offered Financial Aid to 25 Employees

7. 1. 2019

Celebrating its 25th anniversary of the Energy Group, the management of the group, together with the affiliate partner companies, decided to offer financial aid to 25 employees who found themselves in the situation of need.

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