The amount collected in 2022 exceeded the total amount collected in the previous year 2021 by up to EUR 4,000 and, as in previous years, was distributed among those who, according to their colleagues, needed it the most.

The recipients of the financial support were selected by the employees themselves. They supported colleagues struggling with civilisation diseases, whose family income is reduced by long-term sickness, helped to improve the quality of life of severely disabled children and family members. They have also supported colleagues who have lost a life partner unexpectedly.

Helping a colleague from a colleague is a core idea of the EG Support Association. Since its establishment in 2013, employees of Energy Group companies can contribute 2% of their taxes to the foundation, and the Energy Group owner doubles the amount collected from his own funds. These funds are then distributed to colleagues who need them most.

Despite the fact that we are going through crisis times, the interest of the employees to help each other is high and is a demonstration of solidarity and collegiality, for which we thank all those who have contributed to the Association.